Thursday, 22 September 2016

Maths With Ms Pine

Today in Maths, our Teach (Miss Aireen) was observed today.. in Maths! Miss Pines and also Mrs Sharma, came in and we were all given the same problem. The only thing was 4 parts of the problem needed to solved! So Miss Aireen split the students who were in the Math's lesson while she was being observed into 4 groups. In the problem we had to share...

  • Seven bars between four children
  • (7 divided by 4)
  • Nine bars between 5 children
  • (9 divided by 5)
  • Five Bars between 3 children
  • (5 divided by 3)
  • Eight Bars between 5 children
  • (8 divided by 5
The group I was working in, had the problem to share... 9 bars between 5 children! We used the strategy of.. firstly giving 1 bar to each child.. and because we gave 5 bars.. (9 - 5 = 4) we had 4 bars left over! So to evenly share out the bars between the 5 children.. we spilled the 4 leftover bars in 1/5 each. Then as we were adding the 1/5 of the bars together at the end we were able to come up with a total of 1 whole, and 4/5! I learnt how to divide a problem, where the number of things dived is bigger than the number of people, or things to be divided to! 

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Thank You !!

Food Technology Reflection 21.09.16

Today for cooking technology Mrs Tuipolotu told us to make some fruit salad the ingredients we needed was fruit of course for our fruit salad we used apples,kiwifruits,bananas,apricot,grapes & oranges. We also used youghurt for our fruit salad. I really enjoyed making the fruit salad with my peers because it gave us a time to bond and we worked together as a team I think that we did well in making and preparing the fruit salad because when we ate it it was really yum and I wanted more but my stomach got sore so I didn't have more but instead we brang some back to school and gave it to our teacher Ms Aireen when she saw it she thought it looked yum. I think one thing I can work on next time is my listening skills because today Mrs Tuipolotu was telling us how to cut the fruit but I wasn't listening because my friends were talking to me so we didn't know how to cut the fruit so we just left it and cut it in half and it turned out to nice and Mrs Tuipolotu liked she thought that it was really yummy. I really enjoyed the last technology for this term I hope that next term will be just the same.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Plese leave me feedback and feedforward.
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Water Safety By Ajani, Jennifer & Faith

WALT: research about how to keep safe around the water.
For this presentation we had to get some questions and we had to answer it. Today we presented it to our whole class it was fun because I wasn't that shy as I was last term because I grew some confidence.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Kiwi Can Reflection 19.09.16

Kiwi Can Reflection
WALT: reflect on what we did at Kiwi Can.
Today for kiwi can we watched a movie and the movie was called Wreck It Ralph. I reckon that the movie was funny and sad at the same time because there was some funny parts when something funny happened of course. The main characters were Fix It Felix, Wreck It Ralph, Vanellope ,Sergeant Calhoun & King Candy. It was really fun we joined classes Room 9 & 10 I have learnt that King Candy was selfish and he just wanted to be the queen but Vanellope was designed to be the queen of Sugar rush but King Candy unplugged her and now everyone calls her a glitch but she is actually the queen but no one remembers because King Candy reset the game so no one will remember what happened. After Vaneelope finished racing the world changed back to a candy world and Kind Candy actually turned out to be Turbo from the game Turbo Tastic. Vanellope then seized King Candy and she told everyone that they shouldn't be mean to anyone and they listened.

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Blooms Taxonomy Current Events 20.09.16

WALT: summarise a current event by using Blooms Taxonomy.
For this activity we had to summarise a newspaper article and the one I chose was the one where a 65 year old woman was viciously attacked by two teenage girls that took her car and ran off with it they kicked her several times in the head and stomach she is sufferring from her serious injuries police say they attacked the woman because she was Asian and they were being racist to her. The 65 year old is waiting to be released from the hospital and she is being asked questions from the police about what happened. 

Hope you enjoy reading my Blooms Taxonomy. =)

Friday, 16 September 2016

Chinese Paper Lanterns 16.09.16

Today and yesterday we were making paper lanterns but we had to put interesting facts on it I finished mine today. I like learning new things about different cultures it's really interesting but learning about the chinese culture. Here is some interesting facts about China Lucky Colours: In the chinese culture there  are 3 lucky colours and they are. Yellow,Red,Green.China’s luckiest colour is Red, In China there are over 35 million people still living and sleeping in caves,If you could dig a big deep hole in China you would end up in Argentina or Chile. Here is some facts about China. This is my reflection on what we did for Chinese Language Week.

Swimming Reflection T3W8 16.09.16

Swimming Reflection
WALT: reflect on what we did at swimming today.
Today for swimming it was testing day so we had to swim a whole length doing freestyle we had to swim to the wall and back without stopping or touching the floor I couldn't do it because my legs were getting sore and I touched the floor but Roi didn't mind because I was her favourite she laughed when I stopped. I started laughing then she said we had to move on to dolphin dive and that is my favourite one. I dived under then just kept on swimming under the water until we got to the platform. I really enjoyed swimming these past 2 weeks I learnt a lot of new swimming techniques and I learnt a lot of new swimming techniques I was supposed to move up to the higher group but I wanted to stay with Roi and then she didn't mind. 
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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Swimming Reflection T3W8

Swimming Reflection

WALT: reflect on our swimming lesson we had today.

Today for our swimming lesson we had to swim back strokes and freestyle then we did dolphin dives. Today was cool because there was only 4 of us and when we swam we could swim in pairs and when we swam none of us crashed into eachother like we did on Monday. I find that I am really learning about how to swim properly so when i'm in a situation where i'm about to drown I can just swim to land instead of drowning in the open sea. I think that everyone should have a chance to learn to swim I started swimming when I was a little baby and I have gone good since then because it has been 12 years and my baby sister loves the water she is also learning to swim and she is currently 2 years old. I think that the only thing I did wrong today was my streamline because I sort of went crooked and I want to go straight so I don't crash into people. My aim for tomorrow is to make sure when I am doing my streamline I go straight and when I am doing my dolphin dive I can dive under touch the ground then come back up and breathe then go back under because today I just dived under the water and just swam under the water but I was supposed to the dolphin dive properly but I didn't. I really enjoyed swimming these past 2 weeks Thank You YMCA...

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Food Technology Reflection

Today for technology we switched groups and we are now in cooking it's really cool because we get to cook things and bring it back to school. We have a teacher named Mrs Tuipulotu she is really funny when we first went into the classroom she told us how her daughter went to school to apply for university but they wouldn't accept her so she went back home and stayed in her room for the whole day and never came out until Mrs Tuipulotu went in and started giving her consequences and she told her daughter that she needs to focus on school and she did and she re-applied for university and she got in. After that we went over what we had to use for cooking and looked in the drawers and then we had to put our aprons on and wash our hands then we had to take the aprons back off and Mrs Tuipulotu made us some milkshakes but first we had to get the chocolate syrup and put it all over our cup so we did that and we poured our milkshakes in and we drank it with a straw it was so yum I wanted more but it was time to get on the bus and come back to school so we did. My favourite part was drinking the chocolate because it was so yummy.
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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Authors Purpose

Too Much T.V

I am learning to summarise a reading text.

This text is about a person that spends most of his/her time watching t.v and playing video games. People are telling him that he spends too much time playing games and watching t.v.

People think he does it because he really doesn't like playing outside but really he likes playing video games because she likes getting lost in the story lines but her mother says he should read a book but he thinks books are really boring so her mum gave her a book about a lion a witch and a wardrobe and her mum said she had to read 30 minutes a day one day he finished the book and her mum was wanting to hire the movie for her to watch so that she could see that the book is better than the movie. On the weekends she goes over to his grandfather's house and his grandfather wants to teach her how to play chess but he think's it is boring that's why she plays so much video games because she thinks his life is boring but it is not she's just realising the bad things in life instead of the good things. Her mother thinks it is good for him to learn how to play Chess because she thinks that if he spends heaps of time with her grandfather that he would bond with him more. Her best friend Heather is joining Netball because her parents think that she spends too much time watching t.v.. The next day she went on the internet and researched about watching too much t.v it said that if you spend too much time watching television and playing video games that it gives you a huge health problem because you are less active because you aren't playing outside and running around. They say we are heavier than previous generations of kids because they are less active and they are at risks of heart disease and diabetes. After she read this article he thought that he would take some time of digital devices and start reading books and playing chess he says that's not really active but he believes that he has gotten smarter than he was before. She decided to join netball with her friend Heather and she is really enjoying it.

My opinion: I think that everyone should be active at sometimes because you would be nice and fit but you could still play games and stuff just make sure you still get outside and play.