Monday, 31 October 2016


This is a activity that I had to do with a buddy and my buddy was Paris. I had to add different kinds of celebrations images and what it means to me. I think celebrations can be happy at sometimes because you can be excited that it is your birthday or sometimes you can be sad because someone died in your family and you can be depressed.

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๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸฌHalloween ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿฌ

Why Do We Celebrate Halloween?
We celebrate halloween to celebrate the dead and if we dress up like monster it can scare the spirits away.`

What Do You Do When You Celebrate Halloween?
I have parties with my family and I go trick or treating with my mum dad and brothers.

What Do You See When You Celebrate Halloween?
I see scary things little kids trick or treating with their parents and I see lots of things to do with Halloween.

What Games Do You Play When It Is Halloween?
I play lollie scrambles and I also play hide and seek

What Do You Do When It Is Halloween?
I go trick or treating and I dress up like a ghost and I go knock on peoples doors and ask for lollies (Trick Or Treat)

What Food Shall We Make On Halloween Day?
Monster cakes and ghost cookies.

What Other Things Would You Like To Do On Halloween Day?
I wanna do a halloween dance and I want to eat heaps of lollies and eat a lot of food.

This is a activity that I did at Tuakana Teina with my buddy Htoo Say Wah she is the one that answered these questions and I hope you like it.
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Basketball Reflection 31.10.16

Basketball Reflection T4W4
Today for basketball we did a drill called layups or layouts our coach's name was Malek he was really fun and he knew all the drills just like that he also taught us to put the ball left shoulder then dribble it that will help you get away from your defender. I think that basketball session was fun because there was only 6 of us and I found it really fun because it wasn't as crowded as it is normally.
Image result for basketball absl
Thank You Malek for coaching us. 
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Htoo Say Wah's Invitation

This is my invitation that I made up with my buddy Htoo Say Wah. This was really fun to make because it was fun because we spent more time with our buddies and I really got to know my budddy better then I did before. Hope you really enjoy it Thank You for reading.

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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Sustain Silent Reading - Electronic Access

Electronic Access
Today for reading I red a book called Electronic Access I thought this book was interesting because it showed how in the olden days they used latches to lock their houses and then it went up and up until it went to a lock on the door. I found this interesting because the people in the olden days didn't have fancy equipment like we have today they just used what they had around them. A Padlock Inventor in 1921, American Harry Soref founded Master lock, and in 1924 he and his team invented the first laminated steel padlock. Prior to this, padlocks were not sturdy enough and easily destroyed. In this text it doesn't say the inventor's name.
Image result for olden day latchesImage result for front door lock

What Makes Tamaki Special?

WALT: reflect on what makes Tamaki special

Today we had to get into groups of 4 and describe what makes tamaki special??? we wrote our responsibilities the staff the kidscan lunches and more. I think this activity was really fun because Ms Aireen is going to show it to the other teachers and they are probably going to make some changes to the school. I think that Tamaki can be a better place if everyone starts respecting school property and if they stop disrespecting staff like swearing at them....
 Here is what I think about Tamaki...

Image result for tamaki primary
  • We use different learning equipments
  • We learn how to use our manners 
  • We respect one another.
  • There is different kind of cultures
  • We help people when they most need it.
  • We have satellite classes
  • We have awesome students
What have I liked about my learning here:
I've liked a lot of things like meeting new teachers and learning new things that I didn't know about before like Maths (Algebra) I think that my confidence has boosted up and I am ready for college next year.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Spelling Vocabulary

This is a vocabulary task I worked on with my friend Amelia & Paris. For this we had to chose 10 words and we had to write the definitions of the words and add photos. This activity was really fun because we worked on a padlet and this was like my 6th time using padlet and I found it fun. 
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Spelling Vocabulary

This is a vocabulary task I worked on with my friend Amelia & Paris. For this we had to chose 10 words and we had to write the definitions of the words and add photos. This activity was really fun because we worked on a padlet and this was like my 6th time using padlet and I found it fun. 
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Technology Reflection T4W2

Technology Reflection
Today for technology we were cooking Macaroni & Cheese. It was my first time making it and I really enjoyed it. The ingredients we used for this was onions, flour milk cheese salt pepper mixed herbs butter and water. The equipment we used was a mixing bowl, measuring cup, colander , serving spoon, chopping board, knife, frying pan, whisk, wooden spoon, foil, stove and the oven. The cleaning supplies we uesd fot this was tea towels a cloth and soap. It was really fun because we got to learn how to use the oven and it was really fun because I don't really help cook at my house so it's good to have experience so I can go home and cook with my dad.
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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Kiwi Can Reflection

Today for Kiwi Can we played a game called noodle soccer for this game we used those noodles you use for swimming to smack the ball into the other teams goal. Our team won because the other team kept on cheating because they were using there foot to blocking the goal so whenever they did that the point went to my team. Also we had to do our activity and that was making up a chant for our class and the boys made up one and it was just like juju on that beat but they changed some of the lyrics I thought that there's was really cool because they did like a cool dance and yeah. We also had to write down on a paper of what responibility means and then share it with the class.

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Monday, 17 October 2016

Basketball Reflection

Today we had kiwisport and we played basketball it was really fun. Today I learnt how to v dribble and I also learnt how to pass different ways it was really fun. I think today I did kinda well because I didn't try my best because I was tired of running and I think I should try harder next week. We did a pot of dribbling drills and we also did passing drills then in the last part we played shooting girls against boys I think the boys won I don't really know.

Here are some photos of us playing basketball:

Friday, 14 October 2016


WALT: write about celebrations and explain what it means.
This is my presentation on celebrations I wrote my opion on it.

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Science Of Food Treats

WALT: write about what we read about today.
Today for Sustain Silent Reading we had o read a book and I chose Science Of Food Treats. I chose this book because I really like food and I thought that it'll be really interesting learning about food. So when I first read this book it mostly had the science behind jelly,cookies,whippedcream,hundreds and thousands and soft drinks. It also had methods on how to make these things and I think when I get home today I am going to make these things because I really wanna eat it. I will tell you how to make Hundreds & Thousands. FIrst you have to get the ingredients which is starch and sugar then it goes through a machine which adds powder like icing sugar and then the dry ingredients get put in a machine that coats them in a rotating panthen it sieves them into 8 diffrent machines they then colour all the containers different colours then they are dried in a heatroom and there ready to get shipped off. Image result for hundreds and thousands

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Food Technology Reflection T4W1

WALT: reflect on what we did at technology today.

For technology today we made Ham & Egg Burgers it was really fun making it today becasue I got to cook eggs and I got to make a burger with heaps of vegetables in it. I think next time we can all work on listening because to day none of us were listening properly and Mrs Tuipolotu had to raise her voice at us and she had to send 2 people out because they weren't listening properly. Mrs Tuipolotu said next week were just gonna work on our listening skills and she said if we listen properly then we'll get to do an activity.

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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Hamilton Poem

Heartbeating with scariness as i’m too nervous to go onto the field. My butterflies begin to grow. Trying to become confident by tackling my teammates.
It doesn’t work the game begins everyone’s ready to go except for me i’m on the field panicking they throw me the ball I start panicking even more,
but I get over it and start running towards the opposite team.
I run it straight to one of the other players and they fall on the ground injured lying there crying as i’m trying my best to run to the tryline.
I feel so sorry for her but I can’t stop I have to play the game properly. I run and score a try everybody’s clapping and cheering wondering who they were cheering for.
I realised that they were all cheering for me.
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My Personal Goals For Term 4

These are my growth mindset goals I had to do I had to write how I can achieve this goal and who will help me and add a quote. I finished mine and my goals were Respect others for what they look like and Don't judge a book by it's cover I think that these are really good goals that everyone can work on.

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