Friday, 24 May 2013

Learning About Perimeter

Today our class went out onto the courts to learn about perimeters. We learned how to work out the perimeter of a rectangle and a square. We also learned how to use stage 4,stage 5 and stage 6 strategies. The best part was learning cm,mm and m

Robber Cat

A Storm In The Night


Ice Cream Experiment

Friday, 17 May 2013

WAL how to measure in mm,cm and m

My Maths Goals

Today I did a Maths test with Mrs Manuyag. I learned:
  • I am just below  the right stage for adding and subtraction.
  • I am just below in my times tables.
  • I am below in my fractions.
My goal is now going to be to focus on learning all of my fractions and my times tables. I am going to achieve this by asking my mum and dad to help me learn my fractions and times tables.  

The Rise Of The Gas

The Rise Of The Gas!
Goal: With this experiment  we are learning how to fill a balloon with gas from a pepsi bottle.

Materials and Ingredients:
  • Pepsi or Coke
  • Balloon

Steps in order:
Step 1.
Open the lid of the coke or pepsi.

Step 2.
Grab a balloon and place it on the top of the bottle.

Step 3.
Wait at least 10 minutes for it to blow up.
Step 4.
Look at the bottle and see what has happened.

When we put the balloon on the bottle of pepsi the gas (carbon dioxide) escaped into the balloon and it inflated a little bit. When we shook  the bottle more gas escaped and went into the balloon and inflated more.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Turning solid to liquid to solid experiment


  • Raro
  • Jug
  • Ice block sticks
  • Cups
  • Water
  • Wooden Spoon

With our experiment we were aiming to turn solid to liquid to solid.

Step 1.
Open the raro packet.

Step 2.
Pour the raro packet into the water jug.

Step 3.
Add the water to the water jug.

Step 4.
Use the wooden spoon to mix it until it dissolves .
Step 5.
Pour the liquid into the cups.

Step 6.
Add the ice block sticks to the liquid.

Step 7.
Put the cups into the freezer.

Step 8.
Wait  until it has turned into a solid then you can eat it !

When you put the liquid into the freezer it turns into a solid.