Monday, 29 February 2016

I heard a whisper but no one was there

One dark evening I was walking home from netball training with my friend Paris, When we got out of the area where we play netball all of a sudden all the lights turned off and we heard whispers coming from every angle but when we looked everywhere no one was there so we carried on walking. Then we saw a street light twitching Paris and I got really scared so we ran and then we saw two bright lights in front of us we walked towards it to see what it was but then when we got there it just disappeared so we try to run away from it but the whispers were trying to tell us something when we listened the only thing we could hear was a laugh it wasn’t any kind of laugh it sounded like a laugh that people do when they do something wrong like the evil laughs

So we got frightened and we ran all the way home we locked the doors and closed all the windows.Then when we tried to go to sleep the whispers got louder and louder we couldn’t go sleep so I grabbed Paris and we went down stairs into the just sat on the couch watching movies we left all the lights on in the house. Then we saw a shadow but no one was in the house it was only me and Paris so we hid under our blankets until I noticed it was just a tree when I told Paris we both just fell asleep.

The next day we were on our way to school we were listening to loud music that day so we couldn’t hear the whispers then our music just stopped and then the whisper was playing instead of our music. But this time it wasn’t laughing this time it was screaming it sounded like a little girl screaming for help. But when we listened properly it wasn’t a little girl it was Paris. When I looked to the side she was gone I was looking everywhere for her but she was gone but then when I walked to school no one was there and I could hear Paris screaming from inside the school building,

I tried to open the door but it was locked then I smashed the door open and I heard her screaming coming from inside one of the classrooms I went and put my ear next to every single door and she was inside the 1st one I put my ear next to when I asked he what happened she said it wasn’t anything bad the man was trying to help us because there was another man following us but the man that was making the laughing sound was the bad man so the good man whispered in our ear to run as fast as we can home and we did he told us to lock everything and we did but the shadow was the good man not a tree and he was trying to make us hide under the blanket until we fall asleep.

Then I asked why he took Paris and he said because I knew that you were gonna come as fast as you could. So I asked what his name was and he said his name was Albert I predicted what was happening to you guys so I helped yous. So I thanked Albert and he said your welcome and the I asked one more question “Why did you lock the doors? Then he said so The bad man didn’t get in But he said I knew you were gonna smash the door open. So I kept on thanking him until the bad man came and took us.......

To Be Continued...

This is my writing sample from this year but I changed it up a little bit and I added some punctuation and full stops.

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Friday, 26 February 2016

Colours In Te Reo Maori

WALT: create a poster that the colours in to Te Reo Maori.
Today I had to find out all the colours and translate it into maori.

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Tps Picnic Day Reflection

WALT : write a reflection on what we did on the Tps Picnic day Reflection.
For this reflection we had a fun afternoon at school where we had to reflect on what we did on that fun day and I wrote all the things I enjoyed on that fun day.
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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Technology Pewter Casting Week 2

Today for technology we had to keep planning for our pendant we are making and then Mr Grundy showed us what we do when were finished we had to get a piece of small wood and then trace our design onto it. But none of us finished our work because we were still looking for our silhouettes.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Our First Technology At Tamaki College

Today we started to do technology at tamaki college  and it was cool we do got to do things we have never done before and we got to do new things and we got to explore there environment and what they do we even did bubble writing  and block writing.I love technology because i get to do and learn new things...

Pewter Casting Technology

For Technology today we got split up in to groups at Tamaki College the Year 8's were with Mr Grundy. For technology the Year 8's are designing pendants and we have to come up with four recipients to make it for. I chose my mum and I am going to make a Heart with a small heart in it.Here is a photo of what ill be making.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

New Year New Me !

Kia Ora my name is Ajani and I am 12 yrs old. My new teachers are Ms Aireen and Ms Kelly. My favorite subjects at school are Maths and reading. My favorite sports are Netball and Rugby League. My favorite food is sushi. The thing i am looking forward to do this year is making new friends and working in my new class. I admire Roger Tuivasa Sheck.