Wednesday, 30 November 2016

✌✌Camp Raglan Highlights ✌✌

WALT: reflect on what we did at camp Raglan last week.
Camp Raglan was really fun and exciting I actually enjoyed it a lot and I think it would've been even more fun if everyone came but some people stayed. My favoutrite thing at camp was Archery because I nearly got a bullseye and I beat Ms Aireen when I challenged her...

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Monday, 28 November 2016

🎯🏠🍜Diamond Poetry -Camp Task 5- 🎯🏠🍜

🎯-Archery- 🎯
Fun, Hot
Shooting, Aiming, Hitting
Excited, Loud

🏠-Lying In Bed-🏠
Hot, Sweaty
Laughing, Eating,Whispering
Bunk Beds


WALT: write diamond poetry about Camp Raglan
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πŸ‘‰Before Camp And After CampπŸ‘ˆ

πŸ˜€Camp Task - Me Before Camp And After CampπŸ˜€

Before I went to camp I wasn't as confident to do the activities because I thought that thry sounded a little dangerous so I was scared and nervous about going to camp and I had like a really rixed mindset. But when I saw the camp I started getting excited and stuff. I felt more confident then I did before camp it felt like I was closer to friends and it felt like I had a growth mindset.

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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Steven Adams Maths T4W6

WALT: use strategies that we have learnt to solve this year.

For this activity we had to work with a budedy and I was with Petra and we had to work out all the questions we got on the presentation.
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Camp Task Room 9 & 10

Camp Task

Today in room 10 we had room 9 for our friday morning, They were in our class to discuss with room 10 about 'Participating and contributing' and 'Relating to others'. Today was a day to communicate with each others and talk about alot of statements related to our to key points, Which is Participating and contributing and Relating to others. 
Our first key point that we had to work on was participating and contributing. We got into our groups and brained stormed some keywords related to our key points. Next, we presented our work in front of the classes.
Our second key point that we had to work on was relating to others. We made another brainstorm  about relating to others and then we got up and shared with the class.
Some key words that I know about Participating and contributing is:
Encouraging others
Being reliable
Team work
Communicating with others.
Some key words that I know about Relating to others is:
Making connections
Making friendship
Teamwork / Buildings
School values 
(Tukumarie - Tolerance)
(Rangimarie - Peace)
(Whanaungatanga - Caring for each other)
(Manaakitanga - Building relationship)
Many more...
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πŸŽ‰ Celebrating Me πŸŽ‰

WALT: reflect on what we did for our activity today.
Today we did a activity where we had to take a photo of ourselfs and then stick it on a paper then we had to write 5 things about whats good about us and I wrote I am a good friend, I am a good netball player and more. But then Ms Kyla called us together and she said we hae to go around to everyones paper and write something positive about them I went around to everyones and wrote something really positive. And then I got to my bestfriends one Amelia and then I wrote a ton of stuff because she is a really good friend and she has a positive mindset. Here is what my classmates wrote about me: Your very positive, You always try your best,Fast runner,You are smart,You have an attractive smile,Rugby Player, Like your my bestfraand (Amelia) , I am good at sports,Your very good at coming to school,Like your my bestfriend and your long curly hair, Very talented at netball,You are a bright girl, You have a growth mindset,I like how you are very smart. It is important to recognise value in yourself because if you don't recognise it then you would feel kind of weird not knowing your strengths and stuff. I feel happy because I never knew that's what people thought about me and it is really good knowing that because it kind of makes me stronger in my own way.

Here is a photo of my work/Paper...

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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Celebrations Venn Diagram

This is a activity that I did with my friend Amelia. For this activity we had to choose 2 celebrations and write down what we do at those celebrations and in the middle we had to write the similarities they have. I found this activity really interesting because I actually learnt a little bit more than I already did about Christmas and Birthdays.