Friday, 24 April 2015

Proofreading Task

WALT: Proofread a story for punctuation and spelling mistakes.

For This Activity we had to proofread a story for punctuation or spelling mistakes.

In August 1914 after a time of great tension in Europe Great Britain declared war on Germany. New Zealanders and Australians felt a strong loyalty to Britain and young men rushed to join the long queues at army barracks to join up.

Many believed they should help protect England. It was also seen as a big adventure and a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel and see the world.

8417 New Zealanders sailed for war on 10 transport ships in October 1914 with 20000 Australians. The New Zealanders and Australians were sent to Egypt to finish their training. they came to be known as the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps or ANZAC’S.

In 1914 Turkey was called the ottoman empire and was on the side of Germany. In the first world war the British generals decided they could defeat Turkey if they could capture the capital Constantinople. This city is now called Istanbul.

After the turks sank several British and French ships in the Dardanelles it was decided that the only way to capture Constantinople would be to land soldiers near a place called Gallipoli. The closest soldiers were the ANZAC’S in Egypt.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Step It Up Brick

This is my step it up brick these are some of the things I need to work on for term 2.