Friday, 15 April 2016

Describing Confidence

WALT : describe confidence using a outline of a person.
For this activity we had to describe what confidence means to us and I wrote down 4 things and those 4 things is Self Control,Communication Skills,Self Belief and Brave. Those are the 4 things that I think a confident person should have I think a confident person should have those 4 things because it makes them unique. I am not a confident person myself so I don't really know so I just thought what a confident person might have because all my friends are confident I am training to be confident so when it comes to sharing I will do it straight away instead of taking my time to get up in front of the class. That is what I think a confident person might have. Please leave feedback or feedforward.

Thank You for reading.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

My Key Strength: Loyalty

I am learning to identify and describe my strengths. For this activity we had to describe our strengths onto a DLO (Digital Learning Object) and this is my DLO I did independently and the picture is my paddle for our class waka we are building on our wall.

Technology Reflection T1W11

WALT: reflect on what we did today for technology.
This is my technology reflection from today and in that picture mine is the crown and the heart is my friends Amelia's pendant.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Pregnant Woman Savaged By Dogs In Christchurch

Pregnant Woman Savaged By Dogs

Today I read a article about a pregnant woman that got attacked by two Staffordshire cross dogs. She was bitten several times on her arm and taken to the hospital for treatment. The woman is believed to be 23 years old and 30 weeks pregnant. The woman’s mum mentioned that the dogs also threatened a lady when she was walking her dog that day. Police say a young woman was at her home in avondale with three other people and two dogs when she was attacked. The woman’s wounds were bad her mother had to get a first aid kit to help while the ambulance were on their way. The woman’s next door neighbour managed to get through a small window to help the woman.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

How Can We Show Our School Values

WALT: describe specific actions that will help us show the school values at our school.
For this activity it was just like the other one I posted but individual. We had to work individually then in a group.

Art Work With Ms Aireen

Today for art we had to chose a word and mine was loyalty. This is a paddle and we are going to make a waka with cardboard and a black paddle. Here is a photo of my paddle with designs that inspires me.

Reflection On Our Duffy Assembly With Tasha & Henry

Today we had some visitors come into our school and there names was Tasha & Henry. They talked to us about how important it is to read and Tasha sang a song with us and gave us a little advice to us. Tasha has a really nice voice I think everybody would agree with me. Henry was really funny showing his dance moves to us. I really enjoyed the duffy assembly it was awesome.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Actions Of Our School Values

WALT: describe specific actions that will help us show the school values at our school.
For this activity we had to work in groups of 4 and the people in my group was Paterita,Jennifer,Faith & Myself. First we did our own and we made a group one but we had to choose 4 from our one and put it on the group one. Mine is the first,Jennifer's is the 2nd,Paterita's is the 3rd and Faith was the last one.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Inquiry Investigation

The Key Questions:
  1. What What is my inquiry investigation topic about? What am I investigating?
  2. What do I hope to achieve at the end of this investigation?
  3. Who can help me?
  4. What critical questions should I be asking that will help me achieve the outcome of my investigation?
  5. What sources will I use for this investigation?
  6. What kind of information do I need?
  7. How will I sort the information I find effectively?
  8. How will I present my investigation?
  9. What media will I use to present this investigation?

The Answers:
  1. Our inquiry investigation is about how we should show our school values at church.
  2. We hope to achieve and make sure that our work really comes out amazing and that it makes sense and that we used punctuation,
  3. My group can help me the internet can help me my teacher can help me and my classmates can help me.
  4. The key questions we should be asking in this investigation is “why should we show the school values and how we should show the school values at church.
  5. The sources we will use for this investigation is the internet so we can look for websites to help us find out more about church.
  6. The kind of information I need is information that will really help the group in  learn about church.  
  7. We will sort the information so that it is in order and so it makes sense.
  8. We will present our investigation loud and clear so that everyone can hear us.
  9. The media we will use to present is the television or the computer.

WALT: answer the questions about the investigation.
For This Activity We Had To Make Sure We Wrote Questions And Answer Them.

Lyrics To A Song That Has Building Relationships In It

WALT: find a lyrics to a song that has building relationships in it.
For this activity we had to find a song that talks about building relationships in it and I chose The Beatles We Can Work It Out Because it really talks about people when they dont like eachother this song will help them work it out.

Find Lyrics To A Song That Talks About Tolerance

WALT: find lyrics to a song that talks about tolerance.
For this activity we had to choose a song that talks about tolerance and I chose Man In The Mirror By Keke Palmer (Cover) Because I really think this song really sends out a message to all the people that are bullying and that see the outer beauty then the inner beauty. Here Is My Presentation

Finding Lyrics To A Song That Talks About Caring For Others.

WALT: find lyrics to a song that talks about caring for others.
Here is the presentation I made the song I chose was We Are The World By Michael Jackson I chose this song because it has a message in this song and I really think this song is amazing because the lyrics really talked about caring for the world and people.

Skills For Adolescence Meaning And Questions

WALT: write about skills for adolescence.
FOr this activity I had to reflect on what we did for Skills For Adolescence and here is my google drawing

Thursday, 7 April 2016

My Technology Reflection T1W10

WALT: reflect on what we did for technology today.
For this activity I had to reflect on what we had to do for technology today and here is my technology reflection I did. My teachers name is Mr Grundy.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

How Do You Take Care Of Your Library

WALT: share how we take care of our library
For this activity we had to make sure we share how we take of our library.

Poster About Taking Care Of Eachother

WALT: create a poster about taking care of eachother.
For this activity I had to make sure that I explain why you don't bully and explain what you do when there are bully's around.

Bloom's Taxonomy

WALT: use Bloom's Taxonomy to critically summarize a current event
For this activity I had to find a news article and write about it on this presentation.

Poster About My Favourite Sport Netball

WALT: write a poem using our inferring and visualising skills.
For this I had to write a poem using my inferring and visualising skills.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Maths With Ms Aireen

WAL:  about fractions
Today for maths we had our maths with Ms Aireen and here is a photo of the group work we did. Our question was 20 divided by 4 and the photo shows a strategy of how we worked it out and we learnt more about fractions. We learnt that the 1st number is called a Numerator and the bottom number is called a Denominator.The people I was working with to find out the answer was Jennifer and Amelia. The materials we used was popsicle sticks to help us find out the answer.

Using Infering And Visualising Skills

Today I was in a group with Ms Aireen because she had an observer come in the classroom and observe her on what she does for reading so here is my reflection. For this activity we got a poem from Ms Aireen and we had to read through it and infer and visualise on the text we read and before we had to read the text we had to predict on what the title was gonna be and my title was Cricket because I thought that it was just the poem that is about cricket because i read the first text and it said there gonna hit the wickets down so I thought that this was about a cricket game and I was right

WALT: use our infering and visualising skills.

What Is A Strike?

A strike is something that you want but when the boss says no and you want it really desperately you start making signs and say whatever is on the sign you have made and that is the meaning of a strike.

WALT: explain what a strike is in our own words and here is mine.
For this I had to explain what a strike means in my own words.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Hauora And The School Values

For this I had towrite what I wrote on my reflection and write it on a DLO. So here it is.

Dividing Using Multiplying 01.04.16

WALT: solve how many sets of?? and sharing division problems using multiplication (reversability)
Here is a photo of me learning in my maths book using the happy hundreds.

Today for maths we used a thing called happy hundreds to help us work out division problems. I learnt alot about division since I don't really know my times tables really well. I really enjoyed using the happy hundreds to help me work out maths equations.