Thursday, 6 December 2012

Netbook Reflection

WALT record what learning on our netbooks this year has been like, what we have enjoyed, what has been difficult, what has been interesting

At the start of the year Room 6 was very lucky to get black, shiny, brand new netbooks! I felt excited when we first got our netbook because we got to type instead of writing in our books with a pencil. We got to have our own blog, to share our learning with the world and get to comment on other people’s work, giving advice and feedback.

I have really liked the way we can create projects on google docs make  presentations, documents and drawings.

Some small problems have been forgetting passwords, netbook freezing and people can’t do their work. Mouses don’t work and people need to do important things on their netbooks and Internet connection is disconnected.

It has been really interesting when people come to visit us to see us using our netbooks. I have enjoyed watching interesting clips on youtube about our Inquiry topics.

It has been really fun and wonderful using our netbooks this year!