Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Boy Vs Beast

This Boy vs Beast is the book I am reading for this week. Right now I am on chapter 4 going on to chapter 5.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

An Afternoon With Uncle James

Yesterday afternoon Uncle James came in and he took  some time off work just to come into Room 5. He taught Room 5 how to draw carton characters of ourselves. This is my cartoon character that I drew of myself.

Term 3 Goals

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Spelling Games

I have been practising my spelling for this term.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


My Fairy Tale Writing

Once upon a time  there lived a King and a Queen the King’s name was Jack the Queen’s name was Elizabeth. They lived in a humongous castle in London next to the castle was a village. In the village there lived 500 people.  The village people did not like the King and Queen. They just thought about themselves they did not bow down to the  King and Queen. But one day a EVIL MOTHER  came to the castle and knocked on the door and out came the Queen. The Queen was walking towards the royal door then opening the door she saw a EVIL MOTHER  the Queen did not know she was evil so she told the EVIL MOTHER to come inside  the royal castle. So in came the EVIL MOTHER and then suddenly the EVIL MOTHER cursed the Queen. Then the Queen fell in a deep sleep witch made her sleep for the rest of her Queen life. Then out came the King and berried the Queen outside the castle. The King would go there every day and night but then the king asked his slaves to find him a new wife that looked exactly like his wife but no one wanted to be the King’s wife because they thought that the King was mean and selfish. But then the EVIL MOTHER walked down the street and saw the sign that said Anyone want to be the Kings wife. Then the EVIL  MOTHER went home to her house and asked her mirror to change her face to look like the Queens face. Then she went to the castle and quietly knocked on the door and out came the King and saw the  EVIL MOTHER she was wearing a dress the King and the new Queen went into the the lounge and the new Queen went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife and killed the King and she berried him next to the Queen  and the village people felt sorry because they had no more King and Queen so they prayed and said sorry and then the King and Queen answered back and said it’s OK and the King and Queen flew off in the sky to Heaven and lived happily ever after.